X-Ray Microtomography @ Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) SEAM

Institution Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) SEAM
County Waterford
Technique Category Particle Characterization
Technique X-Ray Microtomography

Basic Capabilities

Non-destructive 3D analysis of samples.

Defect analysis. Nominal comparison to CAD. Wall thickness analysis. CMM type measurements. Measurement of unusual features. Powder analysis.


Turnaround Time - Typically less than 5 working days from receipt of sample

Report - Available as PowerPoint, videos, DICOM, or CT data with a viewer provided


Equipment Make GE Measurement and Inspection
Equipment Model VTOMEX L300 & Nanotom S


Advantage of Technique/Equipment

Significantly faster than micro-sectioning. Non-destructive.

Limitations of Technique/Equipment System not suited to large metallic specimens.

Other Details

Containment Five ton lead vault
Turnaround Time Days
Report yes
Interpretation yes
Data on Analyst Staff member working exclusively with technique since 2011
Indicative Price Sample and requirements dependent. Please contact for pricing information.

Industry Recommendation

The applications of this technique are practically limitless. Please ask us about your specific needs.


Dr. Ramesh Raghavendra

Quality & Systems Supports

Quality Management System in Place


Good Manufacturing Practice Status


Preventative Maintenance

Experienced staff perform regular maintenance. Manufacturer performs primary maintenance on as needed basis


Equipment is appropriately licensed by RPII

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