Metal Analysis of Solid Samples @ Trinity College Dublin (TCD) CMA

Institution Trinity College Dublin (TCD) CMA
County Dublin
Technique Category Spectroscopy
Technique Metal Analysis of Solid Samples

Basic Capabilities

Heavy metal analysis, quantify metal present in a sample, compare to known specifications, identification of impurities.


Equipment Make Oxford Foundry Master Pro
Equipment Model Spark Metal analysis


Advantage of Technique/Equipment Low detection limits
Limitations of Technique/Equipment N/A

Other Details

Turnaround Time Sample Dependent
Report yes
Interpretation no
Data on Analyst Experienced staff member/Technician
Indicative Price Price Available on Request

Industry Recommendation


Mr Colin Reid

Quality & Systems Supports

Quality Management System in Place


Good Manufacturing Practice Status

Preventative Maintenance

In-house calibration against standard reference materials and external calibration. Preventative maintenance contract in place


ISO 9001:2009

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