Raman Spectroscopic Microscopy @ Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

Institution Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)
County Dublin
Technique Category Spectroscopy
Technique Raman Spectroscopic Microscopy

Basic Capabilities

High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Raman analysis of material vibrational characteristics


Equipment Make Horiba Jobin Yvon
Equipment Model LabRam 1B (633nm, 514nm, 488nm) and LabRam 800 HR (785nm, 660nm, 532nm, 473nm) and LabRam 800 HR (830nm, 785nm, 532nm, 473nm) with inverted microscope and in situ fluorescence and AFM capabilities


Advantage of Technique/Equipment Choice of a range of excitation wavelengths, no sample preparation
Limitations of Technique/Equipment N/A

Other Details

Containment N/A
Turnaround Time Days
Report yes
Interpretation yes
Data on Analyst Experienced staff member/Technician
Indicative Price €300 per hour

Industry Recommendation


Anne Shanahan

Quality & Systems Supports

Quality Management System in Place


Good Manufacturing Practice Status

Preventative Maintenance

PM in place



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