Trinity College Dublin (TCD) CMA

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) CMA

The Centre for Microscopy and Analysis has been providing a wide range of commercial services to industry since 1989 and is now recognised as a premier facility for analysis.  Our customer base extends not only across Ireland but also Europe, Asia and America.

The CMA’s highly qualified and experienced technical staff have a proven track record in the provision of “state of the art” imaging and analytical services.  We provide a valuable and efficient service to the end client from the initial stage of discussing the problem or project to analysing and concluding the results with the client.

The CMA offers a wide range of professional and expert quality accredited analytical and testing services including:


• Size, morphology, scanning and transmission electron microscope.
• Optical microscope and metrology.


• Corrosion, fracture, foreign material and wear.
• Energy and wavelength dispersive x-ray.
• Spark OES.
• Tensile Stage.

• Water, effluent and unknown materials.
• GC-MS.
• UV Spectroscopy.
• Wet Chemistry.


• Biological and material sample processing, preservation and microtomy.
• Freeze, cold stage, critical point drying, material high-resolution coater.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) CMA
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