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Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)

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Industrial Polymer Solutions and Design, (IPSD) Centre formerly known as the Polymer Development Centre, is an analytical service facility located in AIT East Campus which specialises in the testing and development of chemical and polymeric systems. IPSD centre hosts extensive analytical laboratories ranging from, rapid prototyping fabrication, polymer processing, physical and mechanical testing, analytical chemistry, surface and elemental analysis all of which coincide with the support infrastructure which caters for our existing and new clients needs. Our work ethic delivers a stream of solutions or potential innovative products for both academia and Irish and multinational companies by providing detailed analysis or consultation in a time frame that matches industrial needs.

Fostering cooperative inquiry and experimentation in the cross-disciplinary area of polymer science and engineering is the cornerstone of Athlone Institute of Technology’s research commitment. In light of this, the Centre was established as an interdisciplinary knowledge provider in response to a recognised national need to improve the polymer knowledge base and streamline the process of translating materials research results into industrial innovations and applications. Following a translational research approach, the IPSD centre assembles centre resources and leverages existing knowledge to help companies and government agencies address their challenges by creating opportunities for all.

Bioserv Ltd is a division of Athlone Institute of Technology devoted to provision of services for industry.  Bioserv was founded in 1997 in part to develop and offer microbiology and analytical testing – this now embraces elements of bioanalysis as well as contract research in toxicology and cell biotechnology.  The division has access to substantial facilities including spectroscopy UV/VIS, fluorescence, luminescence, impedance etc), Raman confocal microscopy, GC-MS TOF, polarimetry, FPLC, electrophoresis and multiple scanners.  Bioserv has a long history of working with industry and participating in transnational collaborative projects.

Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)
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