About Us

The site is designed to link scientists/engineers/pharmacists/manufacturing personnel etc. in industry with colleagues in academia that may have capability to provide a service that the industry needs. The industrial partner may wish to access this capability for a number of reasons: due to breakdown of on-site equipment, access to equipment not available on-site or perhaps to assist in solving/investigating in-house problems that occur from time to time. 

The site works on three basic assumptions about the users requirements:

  1. This option assumes the user is relatively au-fait with the analytical testing that is required.

    The user is looking for a known specific analytical technique that they wish to have carried out outside their own facility. In this instance the user can go to the ‘I need a technique search option’, or simply select the Technique tab to see all available options for selection.

  2. This option assumes that the user has some basic knowledge of the type of analysis that they wish to have carried out.

    The user has an idea of the type of technique but not perhaps the exact technique itself or what is called ‘Technique Category’ on ATTLAS. Here the user simply searches Technique Category in the ‘I need a technique’ search option to list all Techniques within the Technique Category. A brief synopsis of the Technique is provided to assist the user on their selection of the most suitable technique.

  3. This option assumed that the user may or may not have any knowledge on the type of analysis they need.

    The user perhaps has no idea what technique they need but has a problem that needs to be investigated or solved using some analytical technique. In this case the user selects the ‘I have a Problem’ search option and uses the significant list of problems listed that our HEI partners can help with. This will narrow down the options of techniques that can be used to investigate the problem again with a synopsis of the technique that may narrow down the search further.

In all cases details (phone and e-mail) are provided so that the user can contact at least one service provider that should be able to help with identification of the most appropriate technique.

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